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Saturdays at Six

Saturdays at Six concert at St. James the Less, 411 W. Due West Avenue, Madison, TN will feature Singer, song writer Jamie Adamson as well as Katie Pederson on March 14, 2020. The concert begins at 6:00 p.m., and there will be a 15-minute intermission where refreshments will be served. 

Please join us for a memorable night of music and fellowship. Saturdays at Six is a free community  concert featuring local musicians. We encourage bringing a canned food item in support of the Christian Cooperative Ministry in Madison, TN.

Meet our Musicians

Katie Pederson

Katie Pederson is a singer and songwriter from Ann Arbor, MI. Inspirations and influences include Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds, and Elton John. She's made her way around the country showcasing her catchy melodies and pop-piano sound, while honing her songwriting craft and touching the hearts of her audiences with her raw, vulnerable lyricism. Her first full length album, "Loose Ends," was released in May of 2016, and provided opportunities for shows across the country with artists such as Mason Jennings, Will Dailey, and Matt Giraud. Katie released her highly anticipated EP, "The Landing," in 2018, the title track which recently won first place in the Country category of the International Songwriting Competition. Katie hopes that the honesty in her writing encourages listeners to reflect on how to move forward amidst life's peaks and valleys. 

Jamie Adamson

Jamie Adamson has spent the majority of his life singing an writing songs. Jamie grew up between Alabama and Mississippi where he either was listening to his Grandpa Herman play guitar or fiddle around the wood stove in the back room of their old general store home place or watching his mother and dad sing in church. Jamie eventually became a part of those old gospel style camp meetings where he started out playing a snare and high-hat with Pastor Ray Thompson. Jamie would soon get his first guitar at age 13 from Pastor Ray and take his first crack at learning to play an electric guitar. The skills he learned early in life carried him on to Nashville at the age of 23. Where he honed his singing and guitar skills to the degree of actually becoming a working musician. Jamie toured the casino and club circuit for many years and shared a stage with greats like Steve Cropper of The Blues Brothers Band, Blind Mississippi Morris, Jerry Waddell, Ryan Larkins from CMT Can you Duet, Jennie C Riley, and Mark Collie. Jamie moved back to the Alabama Gulf Coast in 2015 and is looking to build on the music career he started in Tennessee. If you have an opportunity to see him perform, you will not be disappointed.Jamie's songs are written with heart felt lyrics, coming from true life experiences, and filled with pure raw emotion.