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Stained Glass Window Project

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Dear St. James the Less Family,

The life of our church is vibrant these days. The Lord continues to bless our church in some tremendous ways. Over this past year and a half we’ve had the opportunity to improve many aspects of our facilities. We’ve made upgrades to the kitchen, the bathroom, a new church sign, and a pavilion in the backyard should be coming soon. On top of that we are more connected to the community through our different outreach partnerships than ever before.

One thing I’m very excited about is the opportunity to make our nave even more beautiful. Many of the people who walk into our church for the first time will say that the space feels like home. It is a place of comfort and a place of prayer. We now have the opportunity to add even more beauty to our worship space. This parish has dreamed for years of adding stained glass windows to each side of our nave, and now we have the chance to make this dream a reality.

Stained glass windows have a special place in Church history. They were a creative way to tell Bible stories during a time in history when most people could not read. Instead of reading the Bible you could see the story unfold right before your eyes through stained glass windows. Even today, stained glass inspires young and old alike as it tells the story of God through this unique art form.

We have partnered with Emmanuel Studio, based here in Nashville, who have created windows that speak deeply to who we are as Episcopalians. In dramatic fashion, these side windows will tell the story of Baptism and the Holy Eucharist. As a sacramental community of baptized believers who break bread every time we gather, these windows speak to the core of our Christian identity. 

In our Baptismal service, the priest says, “We thank you, Father, for the water of Baptism. In it we are buried with Christ in his death. By it we share in his resurrection. Through it we are reborn by the Holy Spirit.” This window will capture the dynamic nature of Baptism as we are buried with Christ in the deep blue water and rise reborn with the fiery red sky above showing the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Eucharist window shows the common elements of barely and grapes that are then presented at the altar as bread and wine. It depicts how those very ordinary elements are transformed into the holy sacrament that we share together every Sunday.

By investing in our physical church, we are making a statement that our sacred space matters, and we are also saying that art and beauty matter. We would love for you to be a part of this project, and we have made it possible for everyone to participate. We are kicking off a six-week fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $21,000 by June 5th. This will go towards our five “All Parish Windows.” We want everyone, even our children, to feel a sense of ownership with this project. No gift is too large or too small, and thanks to a generous member your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

We ask you to prayerfully consider joining us in this amazing opportunity. You can make donations payable to our church, while indicating the funds go to this project. You can even give through our online app here. We are so grateful for you, for your love of this church, and your continued generosity through your time, talent, and treasure. If you have any questions, please reach out to Fr. Wesley ( or Rick Webb (

In Christ,


Wesley Arning &  Rick Webb

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